Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ukay Spree Along Pasig Strip

Biba Lang and I have been planning to go thrift shopping since last year. After several weeks, we hit it off! The rush of thrift shopping gave us enough energy to last from 2:00PM until 6:00PM. The possibilities of finding wardrobe treasures are endless and we didn't fail. 

My list. There's always next time!

Armed with my checklist, a shopping bag and a bottle of rubbing alcohol we started at Dr. Pilapil St. where a treasure trove of shoes and bags is found. Look at what we've found on our first stop:
Lex found a bag for P200 plus 2 branded
(Boss and Marks & Spencer) longsleeves
and a shirt for a total of P550.

I found an authentic Polo Ralph Lauren sling bag. Kuya sold it for P350 but I haggled for P320. Definitely authentic because it's got a brush with it and the leather and metal brand plate.

Here's another beauty.
A studded soft faux leather chain bag sold at P250

Blush pink tunic - P50

Jersey Tie Dye Harem - P65

  Cheetah Print Bottoms - 100

Sheer Maxi Skirt -  P35 

Pleated black carrot pants
(Thanks Lex) - P40

Lace Sexy Back Top -  P95

Trench Coat - P180
(I had to ask Lex to try it on and we all went bananas! Trench coats don't look decent when worn with something shorter than its length. Or else, you'll look like an exhibitionist OR just got out of bed with your robe on. Heeheeh)

This girl bought quite a lot! She already bought two great finds on her way to our meeting place so those added up. She bought a nice sweetheart neckline dress with tartan tiered skirt and a summer flowy skirt all for P160. But she bought it in Alabang so that's quite far. 

In Pasig, she bought this:

          Black trench coat


  1. Hi Tracy! Wow! Congrats, you scored real stuff there. And in a cheaper way. I miss Ukay hunting lately.. Because of this, it made me miss even more.. Nice one!


  2. Hi Krystal! I couldn't agree more. So when you find time to go thrifting, be sure you're armed with your list and a good budget :)

  3. Just WOW! Nice finds! Ako I got no talent for thrifting and I am so impatient. hahaha. Mebbe I need an Ukay-Partner in life. :))

  4. Naku Laarni, I know someone who's impatient in thrifting too! But once you've found someone who loves to go ukay, mahahawa ka! You won't be impatient when you start rifling through the hangers of gems. Just keep in mind the style you're looking for and you can start from there :)

  5. wow nice finds sis :)..

  6. I try to find that ukay store. It's gone now. :/

  7. I love how you styled the animal print scarf. I live in Indiana and I can’t wait for fall again so I can wear my scarves. :) I also found a really cool site on StumbleUpon on how to wear a scarf 37 different ways–


    There are also some pretty cool circle scarves on there. :)


  8. Thanks for commenting and sharing danabee! i love scarves despite living in a tropical country :P

    Animal prints are the edgiest and coolest, I think :D


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