Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fashion Finds Scored From eBay

To almost every woman, shopping is a sport. Most women know where the best and affordable shops are. We are hunters who know where the best bargains are! But when you sleep during the day and work at night, you would surely miss the big SALE from every corners of the metro. So us girls have only 2 options so we wouldn't be left out in fashion:

1) Ukay - ukay
2) Online shopping

Have you considered shopping online?! Or are you already hooked? Of course, those who could really afford would opt for online shopping using their credit cards and buy the high-end stuffs until their cards are maxed-out. What if you're just an average Jane and don't have one? ...Ehheerm. I'm with you.

Ladies, have no fear! eBay is here!

Charles & Keith Satin Sling Back

Zara Black Pumps

I scored these beauties from eBay for less than a thousand from it's original price of 2K+. Yes, they may be used already but only once or twice. Isn't that a great deal? eBay is my last resort when everything seems to be hopeless in terms of my wardrobe needs. You can find almost everything! ...and high-end brands are definitely present :)


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