Thursday, October 2, 2008

Villareal Bags At Fashion Market (Market! Market!)

Interesting accessories adds oomph to a blah wardrobe. There's a shop that has wonderful pieces found in the heart of Market! Market!'s Fashion Market - Villareal Bags. It doesn't only offer unique-looking bags but handmade accessories too that will surely catch a girl's wandering attention despite being amidst the hustle and bustle of the bazaars.


Aren't They Lovely?!

I can't pass the chance to try this on!

Very Attention-Getting Cuff With Turquoise and Corals, P400


  1. hi. im a villareal addict. went to their store in marketmarket last weekend and found it closed. do u know how i could contact them?have been surfing the web for their number and so far nada..please email at

  2. I went there last October or early November, and they're already closed. I assumed that they're just renovating the place but I'm not really sure. Don't worry, soon as I go there I will try to ask what really happened and I'll keep you posted. =)


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