Saturday, October 18, 2008

Find High-End Brands in Ukay-ukay!

1) Esprit Nautical Pullover

2) Divided by H&M Hot Pink Cardigan
3) I-N-C Knitted Capsleeves
4) MNG Chiffon Animal Print Pussy Bow
5) Pleated High Waist Skirt
6) TOPSHOP Pinstriped Couture Shorts
Envious?! I know! Even I, who scored these fabulous finds, am still drooling over these gorgeous pieces. Staying up late definitely paid-off! After thoroughly browsing over racks of second-hand clothing and carefully hand-picking those that attracted me out of random fashion rubbles, six high-end pieces are now infront of you.
***If you want to know where I found these, please don't hesitate to post your comments and I would gladly disclose the fashion haven where I scored these. =)


  1. hi which ukay shop did you get this? love the h&m cardigan

  2. Hi! I love to shop in ukay-ukays in Guadalupe near Guadalupe Commercial Complex. That's where I bought the H&M cardi.
    It's located near the jeepney station to Pateros

  3. Please message me if you'd like to get one the ukay's mobile #. ;)

  4. I love. I envy u. Where did you get these fabulous items?

  5. Don't! Just be patient and you'll get fab finds too! I got them from Guadalupe thrift shops :)


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