Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Ukay-Ukay Splurge

1) Sheer Babydoll Pleated Top
2) Knitted V-Neck Top
3) Plaid Button-Down in Baby Blue
4) H&M Striped Dress Shirt
5) Sheer Victorian Dress

I splurged on an ukay-ukay shopping spree a day before my birthday. And as usual, it was an exciting experience for I have lots of racks to go over. Of course I kept a mental note to only buy what I do not have yet and to replace the stuffs that I don't really use so I could sell them at eBay.
Surprisingly I was able to buy pieces that are not just only branded but trendy as well and are almost like new!With my own ukay-ukay tips in mind, I manouvred my way through the racks and carefully hand-picked clothes that would make as great additions to my wardrobe. For the second time, I found an H&M piece! Isn't that amazing? An expensive and trendy piece only cost me P180! Not just that, knowing the Ilocano dialect gave me more edge against other buyers so I was able to get P10 discount per item. Hey! P50 is not bad...
To be sure that I get my hands on the good stuffs and to save time & energy on my next visit, I made sure to get the store's digits =)

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