Monday, October 27, 2008

A Nice Present: Chloé Satchel Bag

I have never bought a designer bag for obvious reasons - it's pricey and impractical. I could never understand why someone would buy a 5-6 digit worth of bag and have too many of them, though I know how much time, good quality and craftmanship was put into it. Still, c'est trop cher! But when it's given for FREE, that's a different story. Who in the world doesn't want a designer item without costing her a single dime?
And NOT to brag about all the money one had spent to buy this bag because honestly, I don't even have enough to pay the rent! HAHAH! Pity...
Well, let's just say I'm a lucky girl to have a mom who knows my weakness for anything exquisite and tasteful. This bag was just given to her and she eventually gave it to me. An authentic Chloé Satchel Bag, a very lovely present!

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