Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where To Find Interesting Trinkets

This post was inspired by my reader (Monique V.), who was wondering whatever happened to Villareal Bags in Market!Market!. Until now, I'm just guessing two things, either they moved to other location or they closed down (yikes! I hope not!).
I believe that girls shouldn't rely on just one shop... we ought to know the many places to shop for fabulous pieces. That's why I decided to give you ladies some back-up to keep your stash updated. Below are my favorite shops in malls and online. Read on...


Folded & Hung - 5th Level, Shangri-La

Everything P50 - Lower Ground, Shangri-La

The LandMark - 2nd Level (Makati)

The Trunk Show - 2nd Level TriNoma


Comehither Accessories - www.comehither.multiply.com - take advantage of her Buy 1 Get 1 Promo!

lucky_sparks - www.eBay.ph - just find the username using the 'community' search engine
iKandi Accessories (my personal online store) - www.iKandi.multiply.com
(Sadly,  stopped making accessories due to time constraints)
Photo courtesy of lucky_sparks

FOC (Freedom of Choice) - 2nd Level Market!Market!


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