Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hunt: Conquering Bangkal Flea Market

Trip to Bangkal was supposed to be easy. But due to my stubbornness, I took two of my friends (Aia & Anne) the long way to the vintage haven. Instead of riding the train to Magallanes station and riding a jeepney to get to our destination, we took another route which I thought was correct, thus, it cost us more moolah! With the cab fare we have spent, we could've bought a ceramic vase...sigh.
Weather last Saturday was not that cold unlike the past few days before it, but that didn't stop us from bargain hunting. I saw Hizon Street when I've decided to get off the cab. The chairs and the wooden cabinets caught my eye immediately so I hurriedly crossed the street while I tagged my friends along. I tried to be calm but the adrenaline due to lack of sleep and excitement came rushing to me and made me so giddy. Too much giddy actually.
First stop was a store full of antique furnitures. We looked around and marvelled at how these precious things made their way to the store. The furnitures were obviously expensive due to their intricate details and the materials used. Evidently, they belonged to big mansions of rich people who either sold their furnitures before moving to another country OR they bought new stuffs and sold the old ones. Lucky for us, we are able to enjoy these beautiful hand-me-downs at a lower price. These furnitures might not be best suited for a middle class home but smaller trinkets are best suited for everyone especially stuffs that would call a fashionista's attention.
After looking around in about three or four shops, we found the store to quench our thirst for this hunt. This shop offers various kinds of old stuffs. From old records, frames, kitchen stuffs, brass dsiplays, bags, belts, wooden trunks, toys, etc.. Though the store is small, it houses about 5 sellers of second hand items.
First thing that caught my wandering eyes was a wooden bangle painted in gold (like the ones being sold in "Baubles Bangles 'n Beads"). Next was a vintage clip-on earrings and a gorgeous leather clutch with gold-plated handle all for P340. Though I know these items are being sold in bargain prices already, I still used my charm (eherm) and my haggling skills to maximize my budget. 'Coz you'll never know what you're going to stumble upon in the next store!
However, my friend Aia, found an exquisite brown suede handbag with gorgeous brass handle in the same store. The bag is very chic and roomy only for P250! I'll take a picture of it next time ;) Here's a picture of my fabulous finds...
Classic vintage clip-ons with black trim, P40;
Gold bangle like "baubbles & bangles", P50;
Tan leather clutch with gold handle, P250;
The feeling of satisfaction...Priceless!

We moved to nearby stores that sold lots of vintage designer bags after grabbing our purchases. I actually saw a black leather Nina Ricci being sold for P650 but it could still go down to P500. Due to a limited budget, I just settle for my beautiful clutch for I know this won't be my last visit :P
And ffter preying on to "Manangs/Manongs" using our haggling spears, we stopped and ate lunch then went back to hunting again. So we passed by a thrift shop and scored these dresses at a very unbelievable price of P80 each!
The elusive "LBD" has finally found its way to my closet!
Amazingly, the dress fits me like a glove!

This is the Mod dress I've been looking for since last year. And now I have one! Har! Har!

Just keep in mind, the key to finding amazing stuffs in a pile of junk is to know what to look for. With this, the possibilities for you my dear shoppers are endless!


  1. hi dear! may i know what store you went to? thanks=D

  2. Hello! Sorry I can't remember the shop's name as I don't really know if they have one. I have a very poor memory when it comes to directions. I can only tell you vague descriptions... the shop where I got the clutch, bangle and earrings is located just after the store with expensive vintage/antique home furnishings like lamps, mirrors & jars. I think it's the first block of stores in Evangelista if you take the route from the street where the car parts are sold. It's somewhere Hizon or Apolinario street.


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