Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Take On Kate Moss' Pieces

After conquering Bangkal, my friends and I headed to one of my favorite thrift shops in Guadalupe. Our timing was good because new items just arrived. I was quick to find my fashion fix. Only two items caught my eye: a tiered chiffon skirt and a suede-like vest, all paying homage to Kate Moss' style.

Below, you'll see how the skirt turned into...

The skirt looked best when worn as a top. It's very chic and fits me well. I just used its ribbon as a belt to cinch my waist to give it shape. The colors and prints were so pretty and flirty in a very subtle way.
The vest has the boho appeal that I love.

Since these items just arrived, the top and skirt was a bit pricey. =P Each cost P150 bucks. My friends however, bought lots of great additions to their wardrobe. Whenever I see something that looks good on them, I'd force them to buy it. Hey, that got me thinking... maybe I should switch my job description to "personal shopper". Hahahah!

*Aia bought a black knitted top, a tiered black dress and a black eyelet overcoat.
*Anne bought a knitted pink vest, an "Ellesse" white cotton hoodie (great buy!), a yellow printed hoodie, and a large canvas tote (this was nice too!)

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