Friday, July 17, 2009

Rainy Days

Photographed by Onin Lorente
Edited by Tracy Tuason

An old adage says, "Save for the rainy days"....but I'd say "SAVE MORE! With off-the-rack and weather-appropriate clothing that is!" Ladies and gents, bring out your umbrellas and hoodies and join me in the hunt for this season's hottest finds!

Western and some Asian countries like Korea, Japan and Hong Kong have winter months unlike the Philippines which has only 2 seasons: summer and rainy season. When most Westerners envy our tropical climate, we sometimes envy their fall/winter season too! But we can't have everything so, rainy season is a perfect time to be in-style like our fashionable Asian neighbours. Take cue from their style and translate it in your own wardrobe.

Whoever said Pinoys and Pinays cannot wear leather (real or faux) jackets and boots... wake-up! here to buy these apart from the expensive local retail brands and bazaars? You know the answer. :)

Brown mid-calf leather boots - P250 (Believe it!)

Zara TRF leather jacket - P350


  1. I'm speechless about the boots! Where oh where did ya buy them!?

  2. Hi Thysz! Thanks for leaving your comment. I bought this nice-looking pair of boots in an ukay strip in Pasig :)


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