Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie Weekend: Playsuit

Playsuit: 2nd Level Fashion Market @ Market! Market! - P350
Thrifted cropped jacket - P180
Tsumori Chisato reversible shoulder bag
Canvas summer flats: 2nd Level Fashion Market @ Market! Market! - P280
Long necklace: given by my friend Cris


  1. new hairstyle?ganda ng outfit mo dito dude!

  2. Thanks Ni! Naku, di new hairstyle yan. :P you'll see when I my hair gets a total overhaul :P kelan kaya yun?

  3. Hey there. It's my first time to visit your blog--been meaning to for the longest time. Great stuff you got here, from the pics to what's written. :-)
    Keep it up! Bookmarking this one. :-)


  4. Thanks for checking my blog Vik :) I'm so happy that you did!


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