Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I celebrated Philippines' Independence Day with a blast. First off, I had a late lunch at Kenny Roger's (Market! Market!) with Rob. We tried the spicy roast chicken. It was okay, nothing special. I also tried their strawberry smoothie and there was only a hint of strawberry flavor in it and is almost flavorLESS unlike other rich-tasting smoothies. 
We headed to Big Apple Spa (Level 4 Market!) to have an hour of Balinese full body massage. It was a treat especially as the masseuse gave us a deep tissue massage that only focused on our  tired & aching backs. Definitely a well-spent Php499 each. Before heading to the movie theater to watch Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl's latest RomCom film - Killers - we dined in Pancake House and ordered sirloin steak and Pasta Gambero (pour moi) and for Rob, Peach Pancake paired with brewed coffee. I was so stuffed! I ate like a starving male adult. hahaha! We hurried to the movie house after dinner. Killers is not an epic RomCom movie but was just right to keep us entertained. We met our college buddies to have a few drinks at Jay-J's in Ortigas. Until now, I'm still wondering if it was Lizz Uy that I saw... hmmmm.

Thrifted vintage-looking  1970 shirt (I cut the sleeves a bit shorter)
Levi's cut-off denim shorts from my dad
Tote bag from Onin of style-anywhere
Bazaar flats

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