Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Swimwear Round-up: RETRO/PIN-UP and CLASSIC

I heard from my favorite weather man "Kuya Kim" Atienza via TV Patrol (Philippine's local news channel) that 2011 is going to have a wet summer. There might only be a month of sunshiny summer this year so we might as well get ready and plan this ahead to fully enjoy it. 

Of course the following pictures look so good because the girl who wears it is, A) a MODEL and B) IMPOSSIBLE! Anyway, enough of my sour-graping. 
Please refer to my previous post (A Woman's Body Shape) to help you in your swimwear shopping. Don't just buy it because you like it or it looked good when you saw it on "KC Concepcion" or "Anne Curtis". You and her are not the same person so don't be stubborn! hahah!. Buy it because you look good in it. Otherwise you'll just end up wearing a sarong or a cover-up the entire time your in the beach because you're not confident and comfortable with what you're wearing. This goes the same for other articles of clothing.

Here's a round-up of wonderful swimwear found in the 'Interwebs' (it's a LOL language from

Retro and Sailor:
This is perfect for hour glass body shape like pinup girls from the 50's
Shan_SS 2011 Swimwear Collection

Retro bow one piece from Topshop

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