Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Clean your Ukay Finds & Other Leather Goods

JC Dy, a Phoebe On A High reader, asked via how do I clean my ukay finds specially my shoe finds. After sharing to her my secret, I thought I should share this to all of you too. Here's the story. I just found out about this product by accident as I was thrift shopping in Guadalupe before going to work. I have a lot of stuffs with me and I needed a caryall bag so I dropped by. Of course I found a good faux leather caryall bag but it was a bit dusty so I asked "Manong" if he could wipe it for me. He took the product he uses and wiped the bag clean. Of course I asked him where to buy that product but he failed to give me an answer. So after frequenting mall stores, specially Ace Hardware, I've finally found it! 

Ladies and gentlemen, this product will be your friend too! Good for leather materials and pleather, faux leather stuffs. I've tried it with my bags and leather shoes and it definitely made them almost looked new.
Wipe Out Dirt and Stain Remover
Last time I checked...
Plastic container sold at P60+
Big tin container sold at P120+
at Ace Hardware stores


  1. Super like sis :) thanks for the info :)

    -jc here..

  2. Thanks for the message JC! Were you able to go to the thrift stores I suggested? My friends and I will be going to Pasig this coming weekend. I'm super excited!

  3. huhu sis i was not able to go to any ukay shops because of work. ehehe. maybe next month. ehehe. i hope ukay shops are on sale :) have fun on your adventure this weekend. and share it with us :)

  4. Naku, don't rush! lagi namang andun lang yun eh. It'll give you more time to create a list on what you need to find and what your wardrobe is lacking. Sure, I'll post more stuffs about our ukay spree. :)

  5. great find! i'm sure this would be helpful to us all :D

  6. Yayy. I'm looking for this in Hypermarket & all supermarkets in town. I also found this out in Thrift stores. Thank God you posted on where to buy this product! :)

  7. Glad to help! Thanks for visiting my blog! Take care and God bless!


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