Friday, February 18, 2011

A Woman's Body Shape


Every girl must know what her body type is. Knowing and accepting your natural shape should be learned by every woman. Instead of conforming into someone you're not, like ultra-thin-size-0 models from the glossy pages of fashion magazines, you should own your curves and extra juicyness. See how men love their body even their beer belly? Trust me, most men love girls with something extra in them than girls with 'just bones'. I suggest you look into a full-length mirror. Look at your body and observe. This will really help you find clothes that are flattering to your curves and stop forcing yourself into something that doesn't fit or bunch up in the most unflattering body parts (a crime and sometimes, I'm guilty of it). Don't hide. Highlight your assets!

Hey, i'm not telling you to stop exercising or stop dieting. Of course anything you do that is healthy for your body is good. Anything excessive, however, is obviously bad. And I want to give credit to Ms. Tyra Banks for promoting healthy body image among girls, specially since her show (ANTM) is watched by millions of young girls across the globe.

Okay, let's get down to the diagram to help you understand your fabulousness. I'm pear-shaped, because I have narrow shoulders and wide hips, like a PEAR! Which of the category below do you fall under?

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