Thursday, June 7, 2012

You Can "Be Body Beautiful at Any Age"

As many regular women approach the age when her metabolism slows down, unwanted fats start to appear. It's like everything in our body that used to be perky now heads south or expands! Problem areas like batwings (fats that appear on the upper arms), belly fat or "puson", muffin tops that appear when you still wear jeans that no longer fit you (unless you wear it by lying down and try to zip it up) and saddle bags are common examples.





Aside from slow metabolism, it is also a known fact that a woman's body changes after giving birth. Naturally, most of our pre-pregnancy clothes and undergarments either no longer fit or are ill-fitting. This is an inevitable reality. While some women are genetically gifted with tight abdomen and well-toned arms and legs with minimal or no exercise at all, even if they've already given birth and some have plenty of time to go to the gym OR have a good amount moolah to spend on healthier food options,  most women are the exact opposite of the latter and I belong to that population.

You see, I am a first time mom with an 8-hour deskjob and no active lifestyle after work except for nursing and taking care of my baby and occassional chores when I have free time. After giving birth, I sacrificed style for comfort. I switched from wearing skinny jeans to "jeggings", body-hugging dresses to roomy ones, from lacy and fancy undergarments to nursing bras and granny knickers that used to be repulsive for my taste. Since I am nursing my baby, all that matters now is comfort and wearability. I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy 7 months ago via Caesarian section and most people with unforgiving eyes think that another baby is on the way. It doesn't  really matter but hearing it countless times can be tiring too. And seeing my postpartum pouch as it screams whenever I wear my pre-pregnancy clothes limits my style choices. All the knickers I have now are comfortable but does not give good support. I call most of them   "the baconator" due to over-stretched straps and bands.

I remember Tim Gunn saying, "good-fitting undergarments are the basic foundation of a wardrobe". In his TV show, I learned that an undergarment like a bra should give an instant lift, give a good back support and it can make you look slimmer and seem taller. With that, I wish that Wacoal would add a range of products that provide comfort, style and support that regular women, pregnant women and nursing moms look for to suit our different needs. It will be extremely convenient if Wacoal would also consider expanding its product line to include maternity and nursing wear. Nursing and maternity wear have very limited style and availability in the Philippine market. Local brands are not that stylish, they get worn out easily and have limited product styles/features. We need products that are durable, wearable and stylish without sacrificing comfort and support. women who do not have modelesque slim figures and bodacious bods should also get the chance to wear stylish intimates. It would be awesome if Wacoal can include the following in its product line:
  • after birth or post partum body contouring / body shapers - An undergarment that holds muffin tops for a better silhouette when wearing a fitted shirt and jeans. It should provide support and controls belly fat without constricting our innards making it difficult to breathe. Also a body shaper that holds saddlebags for a slimmer look when wearing skin tight jeans and dresses.
  • Maternity and nursing - A nursing bra that provides easy access when feeding but does not sacrifice style, comfort and still provides good support.
  • A maternity underwear that provides support on the belly.
    A bodysuit that doubles as a nursing tank top is a great addition too!

 Side note: In Philippine Wacoal Corp. FB page, it is also more realistic to feature models that are actually in their 30's or 40's who wear Wacoal products to see how it actually looks like on a body of 30 something or 40 something woman. Just my two cents!

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  1. Greetings from Wacoal!

    We would like to offer you to do a review of our brand. In line with this, we will be giving you P3,000 worth of Wacoal merchandise.

    You may claim your items at our head office (3F 6788 Ayala Ave. Makati City). Just bring this message and a valid ID. Also, please don't forget to call 8925706 or email us at to inform us when you are dropping by. And in case you are not based in Manila, please let us know so we can make arrangements.


    1. OMG! I didn't expect this! I will be corresponding to you via e-mail. I would love to do a review for Wacoal! :D


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