Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Never did I think of giving up city life after getting used to living in a cramped-up space amidst the hustle and bustle of Makati for more than a decade. I was single and thriving! I could buy almost everything that I want and need in one short jeepney ride. I could go to the mall and go to work after with several minutes to spare. All these became the opposite when I got engaged. When my then fiance and I moved to a bigger place located in the outskirts of the Metro, everything took longer than it should - commute to work, going to the market, even paying bills.

However challenging it was at the beginning, it was definitely an exciting phase for us. With the new house looking almost empty, it made us all giddy thinking of the many things we could do in it. At first, we considered custom-made furniture. After weighing the pros and cons, it turned out that there were more cons in that option like our budget, time, space and availability of carpenters.

Thinking that it will be almost impossible to organize all our singlehood mess (and most are mine), we discovered a Mandaue Foam showroom nearby. We initially thought that most items are pricey but we were wonderfully surprised of the affordability and quality of products the store has to offer compared to furniture stores in malls. Making our new house a cozy and comfy home seemed easier after browsing the store. We bought our first mattress for our bedroom and started buying more products after that. Thanks to Mandaue Foam, we were able to organize our pile of junk with their quality storage solutions. Now we have a tastefully-designed cabinet with his&her side closet, drawers and shelving just enough for our garments. We also bought a chest drawer for storing linens, beddings and baby clothes. My husband even bought a bed lamp with dimmer, giving our bedroom warmth and homey-feeling it needs.

We are planning to expand our space and we're looking forward to buying great furniture pieces from Mandaue Foam that will suit our lifestyle, taste and needs. For now, we're eyeing on the following items: a dining set, a shoe rack and a book case for a more organized home. Here are my perfect finds!

This is exactly what we need because what we currently have is a loaner
and it takes so much space. We only need a 4-seater dining set

As much as plastic shoe racks are helpful, I don't like how disposable they look
and turn brittle overtime. What we need is a sturdy shoe rack like this.
It could hold many pairs and has extra storage for other things like socks or hats maybe?

Our bookcase is now dwindling and has limited storage capacity.
This tough-looking bookcase can hold up so much and is not limited to books
and other reading materials only. DVD's, picture frames and other memorabilia
will enhance the look of this piece as well as the area where it's placed.
It will greatly help in saving so much space!

It is nice to come home where everything is neat and in order.
This is all possible with Mandaue Foam.
Your home, your imagination.

You can visit Madaue Foam's website 
to browse exciting pieces for your own home.

Be inspired! Click to view Mandaue Foam's newest TV Commercial

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