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MUST READ! How A Woman's Body Ages

Here's a very interesting and informative article from WWW.WACOAL.PH website. MUST READ!
At any age, a woman’s body is constantly changing. But what matters is, her spirit cannot be stopped. What’s important is how she exudes charm as she welcomes discoveries. What defines her is her boldness to stand out when the going gets tough. What counts is her confidence to surpass her limits to best shape her life. At any age, a woman knows what it takes to be beautiful inside and out.
Your Body Changes as you Grow Older
At Wacoal’s Human Science Research Center, we’ve studied the human body, paying special attention to the characteristics intrinsic to each age level and tracking the changes that occur as a woman ages.

We’ve discovered that there are constant changes in body shape brought about by age. This fixed rule can be drawn in a spiral. Thus, we call this “Spiral Ageing”.

Spiral Aging

The Spiral Ageing Pattern

Height growth stops.
Changes towards an adult body start.

19-23 year old Body Stage
Heading towards maturity, the body’s shape starts to change.
Transformation to an adult woman’s body completes.
Teen’s Spiral Point

27-36 year old Body Stage
Extra subcutaneous fat is deposited in the body,
gradually changing the body’s shape.

Sudden weight gain begins.
Body shape starts to drastically change.

40-46 year old Body Stage
The upper half of the body is visibly growing
larger than the lower half.

As women notice their bodies changing, they begin to take control
attempting to prevent the transformation, or reshaping and
strengthening their bodies with diet and exercise.

Check Your Body’s Changes
Your body matures with age and is constantly changing due to various factors such as health and growth. It is important to bear in mind how these changes reflect upon your body shape and size, and the undergarments that best suit you. The diagram below shows how a woman’s figure changes with age.
Body Changes

A Woman’s Body Through Different Ages
Large head, curved back, slightly protruding belly.

Breasts start to grow and hips get rounded.

Figure of a mature woman.

Fat begins to saturate.

Stomach grows and many women tend to worry about
changes in their figures.

The back becomes rounded; the frame curves.

What many women don’t know is that the underwear they wear next to their skin is also an important partner in ageing exquisitely.

How Breasts and Hips Age
For women, breasts and hips are crucial to a beautiful bodyline. As a woman ages, she will notice that her breasts and hips change in 3 stages:
Breast and Hip Age
Stages of Breasts by Age
Stage 0:
Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Breast and Hip Age
Stages of Hips by Age
Stage 0:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Breast and Hip Age

Why Our Breasts Change With Age
Breasts are made largely of mammary glands and fat. Supporting all these are Cooper’s Ligaments that run through the entire breast.
Breast and Hip Age

Hormonal changes that occur as we age cause the mammary glands to degenerate, and the fat to increase. This makes the breasts soften.

Motion, caused by the breasts’ heaviness and
everyday movement causes the Cooper’s Ligaments to lose their elasticity.

The skin begins to lose its firmness and softness, decreasing its support of the breasts. This is what makes breasts begin
to sag.

Do you choose you bra by size alone?
Women in their 20s and 40s with the same bra size try on bras
made for women in their 20’s.*

Brassiere made for women in their 20’s, worn by a woman in her 20’s.
The same bra worn by a woman in her 40’s.

Brassiere made for women in their 40’s, worn by a woman in her 40’s.
*May differ individually.

Bra By Size Alone
It is very important to select a bra that not only fits in size but also corresponds to changes in shape and softness of breasts by aging.

Size is Important, Fitting is Crucial.
1. Don’t neglect the fitting process
2. Fit the brand and move around it.
3. Try 2 or 3 items on instead of just one.
4. Bring along the clothes that you want to wear over your new undergarments.

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