Friday, August 3, 2012

I Need A Haircut!

After getting a hair makeover over a year ago for my wedding, my hair is all overgrown, out of style and back to its original texture - frizzy and unruly!

With hair this long, Dylan keeps grabbing my hair and trying to put it in his mouth! It also consumes a lot of hair products like shampoo and conditioner. Plus I always wear my hair in a ponytail or in a bun and I'm tired of it already. I've been wearing my hair that way since high school. My hair is longer than I can manage and I want to chop it short. How short? That I 'm not sure of yet. I am torn between a pixie or a banged bob cut. I was thinking of a pixie cut because it's easier to maintain, however, banged bob covers my weird hairline and it wouldn't really give a drastic change in my look. I'm totally conflicted!

There are a few things to consider before I put my hair in the chopping block though. Of course there's my facial shape and lifestyle.  Scared of the outcome of my decision, I tried to scour in the internet for an application or tool that would show what I'd look like in the hairstyles that I want.

I found InStyle's Hollywood Makeover tool where anyone can upload their picture, customize it and choose a Hollywood celeb's hairstyle and color that they want for themselves. Try it out!  It's really fun and cool application :)

Here are the hairstyle choices I made:

I like the pixie hairstyles of the following celebrities, local and hollywood:
Marilen Faustino
Nikki Santiago
Angel Jacob
Emma Watson
Carey Mulligan

Michelle Williams

Ginnifer Goodwin

Kate Moss

Must try: Halle Berry's haircut!

Anne Hathaway

I love her! She looks ethereal and beautiful no matter what her hairstyle is.
This is her new haircut for her new movie 'Les Miserables' with Hugh Jackman.

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