Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brow How

Start your 2014 right by giving your face a lift! No surgeries needed. Just the know-how and the right tools to change-up your look :D 

I learned from my favorite make-up guru, Michelle Phan that "brows are like frames to the eyes". Properly groomed and shaped brows can make you look different depending on how you shape them. To achieve polished look, every girl should have the following items in her make-up bag:

A Good Pair of Tweezers:
It doesn't have to be fancy-schmancy.
You'll know you have a good pair if your tweezer could pull out even the tiniest hair growth

A Spooly:
Spooly spreads out the brow product to avoid harsh lines if you are using a brow pencil.
This helps a lot in making your brows look polished and yet still natural-looking.

Brow Pencil:
find the right shade for you. It's usually one shade lighter or darker depending on your hair color.
It's good to have the 2-in-1 kind where you have a brow pencil and a spooly or angled brush on the other end.

A Pocket Mirror:
I find it easier to use a  pocket mirror with slide cover.
Very easy to handle and hold-out against your face.
Of course, you can still use the trusty old compact :)

Thank you for reading my post!
As an added bonus, here's a tutorial by Michelle Phan on how to change up your look with just your brows and hair

Here are my shameless selfies after spending countless times of finding a good brow shape for my face:

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